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  • Reincarnation:  The Clergy Of Unholy
  • Zombie Express
  • Deadman’s Attacks
  • Alien Go Home
  • Heavy Shooter Brutal
  • Toms Vintage Cars
  • Poop Truck
  • Elona Shooter
  • Highway Escape
  • Stunt Maniac

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  • Bomber Friends
  • Sonic Ninja Motorbike
  • Creepy Columns
  • Earth of dragons
  • Hunter Willie
  • My Pet Protector 2
  • Tourist Trap
  • Angry Gran Run
  • Kolobok
  • Greg Can Jump!
Shape the destiny of your new apprentice. Will he rise to become hero or zero? Renowned Warrior or Poignant Poet? Find him a job, send him to school, delve into deep dungeons and emerge with treasure or bruises?